Cattleya skinneri – coerulea.

Cattleya skinneri is the common orchid in Costa Rica and is that country’s National Flower.

Named after George Ure Skinner by John Bateman after he had received in a collection or orchids

G.U. Skinner had forwarded from that country. It is also found in Mexico and northern South America. Normally deepish pink flowers, there is also an ‘alba’ version. This is the blue variety,

Therefore named coerulea.

  Bi-foliate from the apex of the bulbs, leaves are approx. 15cm.-(6”) long x 3cm.(1.25”) wide, thickish and stiff. Sheaths then the inflorescences develop between 2 and 12 flowers averaging 8 to 10cm.-(3”-4”) diam. Spring or early summer.