Cattleya lawrenceana

Discovered at the foot of Mt. Roriama Guyana during 1842 by Sir. Robert Schomberg, it was not established until 1885 when H.G. Reichenbach described and named this species after Sir. Trevor Lawrence, noted English collector during the latter half of the 19th. Century. Reichenbach based his description on specimens collected by Seidel collecting in the same region for Sander & Co. It is also to be found in Venezuela.

Pseudobulbs up the 39cm.-(15.75) tall, green or purplish, covered with white sheaths, unifoliate from the apex up to 20cm.-(8) long x 4-5cm.-(1.5-2) across, rigid, obtuse green/purple. Inflorescence bears up to seven 13cm.-(5) diam. - showy, light to deepish lilac/rosy/purple, well shaped, long lasting flowers.

Needs to be grown warm; with good light for up to 16hrs. in summer 14hrs. winter; good air movement; 65% humidity in a very open medium if potted. Needs to be thoroughly watered and allowed to become somewhat drier between waterings. Roots growing outside the media or when mounted benefit from daily misting.