Cattleya schilleriana

One of the smaller plants of the genus endemic to Brazil where it grows on mossy rocks and trees from Sea level to 800m. (2700 ft.). Pseudobulbs are 15-16cm.-(6) tall- bi-foliate with leaves which are dark green/reddish/purple; inflorescence bear one to five fragrant flowers which appear late spring, Early summer. These are 10cm.-(4) across, sepals and petals are olive-brown to mahogany-brown dark maroon spots, the lip is basically white, heavily veined in deep purple with a central yellow suffusion; he column is white streaked and spotted purple. Reasonably long lasting.

Prefers to be on slabs of either cork; tree-fern or teak and grown in intermediate temperatures with good light, 65% or more humidity and good fresh air movement. Benefits from regular misting when in growth.