Cattleya aclandiae

Endemic to Brazil where it grows on small trees in arid conditions near the ocean coastline, within a very hot and very bright light; benefiting from regular rolling mists from the sea.

Somewhat dwarf by comparison with other plants of this genus up to 20cm.(8) in height with two or three fleshly leaves up to 7/8cm.-(3) long. The inflorescence bear one or two flowers only, these are Up to 10cm.-(4) diam. and appear usually in the spring here in the U.K. and in the autumn / early winter in its natural habitat.

Prefers to be mounted on cork or tree-fern slabs at 65F. winter overnight with 10F/15F rise during the day. Needs very good light for up to 16hrs. in 24hrs. during the summer / 14hrs. in 24hrs. in winter, humidity of 65%, wetted weekly and misted daily. More frequent wetting when in actual growth.