Paphiopedilum sukhakulii

Became known to science on introduction to Europe in 1964 when received at a nursery among an importation of Paph. callosum from Thailand.   After first flowering it was considered Paph.wardii And description by G. Shoser and K. Senghas in 1965 its was named after P. Sukhakul  of Bangkok whose company had collected it from the wide along with Paph. callosum from N. Thailand where it grows in leave litter nears streams in shady forests at an altitude of 1000m.-(3300ft.).

Flower is noticeably broader than long, dorsal sepal white or pale green with darker green lines, syn-sepalum white lined with green; petals pale yellow-green spotted all over with deep purple; lip pale green pale green, veined & mottled deep purple with side lobes purple mottled, staminode pale yellow mottled green at the central area   Leaves mid green-dark green.

Grow warm in partial shade with good air movement and 60% humidity.   Compost needs to be open with a water retentive element and kept moist.   Re-pot after flowering.