Cattleya luteola

One of the smaller growing  Cattleya species from the Amazon bason, Brazil; Peru; Equador and Bolivia were it grows epiphytically.

In cultivation it is more successful when mounted on bark; tree-fern or hardwood (teak) slabs.The creeping rhizome produces pseudobulbs which average 7.5cm. (3) in height. Uni-foliate 6-17cm. (2.5-6.5) long, 3.5-8cm. (1.4-2.4) wide.  Inflorescence is shorter the the leaf, is covered with a heavy scarious sheath from which two to six flowers can appear; 4.5-5cm. (1.5-2) diam.; sepals and palatals are a pale yellowish colour; the lip is a pinkish white, suffused with a darker pink on the outside, the inside is suffused with a slightly deeper golden yellow.   When well grown it can produce flowers several times a year.

Needs warmth; light; 65% humidity; regular misting of roots and good air movement.