Cattleya mooreana

Native of Peru growing on riverside trees at 1400-2000m. (4000-6000Ft.) similar to C..luteola but much larger in growth habit with some different coloring of the flowers.   Pseudobulbs are 28-20cm. (7-8) tall and 2.5cm. across, unifoliate 17.5cm. long and 7cm. wide; the flower stalk can be 1cm. diam. and support up to five medium sized flowers in cultivation two flowers per stalk is more common.; sepals and petals are unspotted,  greenish yellow, petals are usually more yellow; both  project forward slightly.   The lip takes the form of a tube with wavy edges and encloses the white column;  pale yellow with slight pinkish suffusion on the outside and a deeper yellow on the inside. 

In its natural habitat clumps of this species are common since it appears only in isolation.   To match its natural environment it is better in a slightly cooler place in the warm greenhouse; good light; 65% humidity; good air movement as others of this genus.   When potted the compost must be very open to allow good drainage and allow roots to dry out somewhat between waterings.