Cattleya forbesii

One of the Brazilian smaller species growing on shrubs, trees and rocks at the Rio de Janeiro; Sao Paulo; Parana and Santa Catarina States.   It occurs in swampy areas, or forested riverbanks and streams at sea level up to an elevation of 200 metres (670).   In its natural habiatat it is mainly epiphytic, sometimes lithophytic.   In cultivation it grows well mounted or potted, providing the potting media is very open with a moisture maintaining element.   Considered to be one of the easier ones to grow.

It has thin stems rather than pseudobulbs, these are thin; erect; up to 40cm.-(16) tall.   Bi-foliate with inflorescence from the apex bearing two to five 10cm.-(4) diam. flowers which are long lasting when the plant is in receipt of its necessities.

Warmth, high light level, 65% humidity and good air movement essential, best when wetted thoroughly Then allowed to become somewhat dryer before re watering.   Essential to keep the sheath, buds and Flowers completely dry.