Laelia pumila 'Black Diamond'

A dwarf epiphyte photographed in its 6cm. pot.   Original importations to the U.K. were from Brazil. Established by W. Hooker in 1839 as Catleya pumila then transferred to Laeia pumila by H.G. Reichenbach in 1853.

Rarely more than 15cm.-(6”) tall, Psbs. 2-3cm.(1”) long and 1cm.-(.3”) diam.; unifoliate with 10-12cm.

Leaf – 2.5cm.(1”) broad, thickish and leathery.  Inflorescence usually one flower, rarely two some 9cm.-(3.5”) long from a membranous sheath.   Petals – sepals rich, deep rose purple; the lip is similar but a little lighter on the outside and very much darker on the inside.   The column is usually white.   The variety ‘Black Diamond’ shown above has become very popular in the U.K. on account of its extremely dark, rich colours on the inside of the lip

Grow as other Laelia species.