Paphiopedilum bellatulum – album

Introduced early 1888 by Messrs. Low & Co. Clapham, London after receiving discovery by one of their collectors orchid hunting in Burma, also occurs in  N/W.Thailand & S/W. China.  Established by H.G. Reichenbach in 1888 as Cypripedium bellatulum, Stein transferred it to Paphiopedilum. Normally found on wet mossy limestone rocks in shady areas at altitudes up to 1500m.-(4500ft.).   The var. album shown is completely free of the purple-brown heavy spotting of the normal Paph. bellatulum.

Mottled leaves are 14cm.-(5.5”) long & 5cm.-(2”) wide – similar to Paph. niveum but a little larger. Short, upright inflorescence throws a single white flower – heavily spotted with purple-brown spots, 6-8cm.-(2.25”-3”) across, usually long lasting

Grows well potted in warm, humid, airy conditions with partial shade providing compost is chunky’ affording good drainage and partial drying between weekly waterings.  

Occasional weak feed and an occasional sprinkling of compost around the rim of the pot with dolomite lime are beneficial – avoid overdoing the lime and do not allow direct contact of plant with lime.