Miltonia roezlii

Species from Colombia and Panama where it grows in wet forests from sea level to 100 metres –(3300ft).

Pseudobulbs are approx. 6/7cm.-(2.5”) tall, basal growing leaf is strap-like 30cm.-(12”) long, blue/green, Inflorescence is a similar length from the base of the psb. Flat flowers – 2 to 5 - 8-10cm.-(3”-4”) across, appear during the autumn.  The above is an ‘Alba’ variety which has light yellow small auricles at the base. The standard species has dark purple botches at the base of the petals.

A cool/intermediate grower needing high humidity, slight shade from direct sunlight, good air movement, an open well draining compost with some moisture retentive element is necessary when potted, needs to be kept moist but not thoroughly wet.   Flowers do not tolerate becoming wet.