Cymbidium mastersii

This Cymbidium species is closely related to Cymbidium eburneum but different in that the flowers do not open fully being a little more delicate and not quite the same size, they are none the less attractive. Sepals and petals are pure white; the lip is also pure white with yellow suffusion with few pale red/purple spots near the throat, the column is also white. A fragrance of almonds is evident when in flower.

Originally classified by Blume and given the name Cyperorchis said to be infrequently seen, epiphytic, lithophytic or terrestrial without pseudobulbs from the Himalayas, South-east Asia, Malaya and China.

Included in Cymbidium despite having a distinctive floral structure in that they generally appear in very dense racemes or clusters at the head of the spike. Cool growing, humidity & air movement are necessary for successful flowering during the autumn or winter.