Clowesia rosea

A genus of five species from Mexico to Venezuala, related to Catasetum. Was established by Lindley 1843 and named after the Revd. John Clowes of Broughton Hall, Manchester. U.K. – incumbent of the Manchester Collegiate Church – (now Manchester Cathedral) who possessed a mixed collection of orchids from around the world and a discerning and knowledgeable orchidist. His collection was bequeathed to Queen Victoria. Four hundred and forty six in number were placed at Kew R.B.G. and formed the basis of the collection there at that time. Revd. John Clowes was the first to flower Clowesia rosea, the type species, in cultivation. The plant shown above is var ‘Grace Dunn’ – a prolific Plant which throws its many flowered inflorescences from the base of the pseudobulbs – 2-3cm. (1”+/-) across and a delicate whitish pink in colour giving a slight fragrance.

Like the genus Catasetum it is decidous, needing the cultural necessities of warmth, high light, humidity, and air movement. It needs a decided rest after shedding it leaves and regular watering when growing. It will grow well mounted on cork, tree-fern or teak slabs.