Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum- at E.O.C. London 2003

Probably one of the most colourful flowers of the genus on account of the intensity of the contrasting Colours it displays certainly a show bench eye catcher. 

Natural habitat is in Burma; India and Thailand on the lower mossy branches or in leave litter at the Base of ain forest trees or in thin deposits of soil in cracks or on ledges of rock faces at an altitude of 200-1800m.-(660-6000ft.)  

Strap-like leaves are evenly green, 18-45cm.-(7-10) long x 2cm.-(.75) wide; inflorescence up to 25cm.-(10) long, erect (when potted), green and covered with many purple hairs bearing one flower 10-15cm.-(4 6) across.   All segments ciliate; bract, ovary and sepal backs covered with hairs; dorsal sepal is densely spotted with tiny blackish purple spots in central and basal areas; petals green in the basal half   blotched and spotted in deep purple densely covered with black hairs distal half has bright violet-purple suffusion; lip dull green with brownish purple staining and covered with minute blackish warts, staminode green with two dorsal white spots.

Flowers during the spring after dry rest, keep moist during spring and summer, when growth is mature. Reduce temperatue and watering/feeding but do not allow to completely dry out.