Cattleya warneri

This species shows characteristics very similar to Cattleya labiata., Since both are from Brazil this is not surprising. C. warneri does however originate from areas of Espiritas Santos and Minas Gerais, Southern Brazil, instead of the usual northern areas. Original importations collected by Orquidario Binet were received by Low & Co. First flowering in cultivation was in the collection of Robert Warner after whom it is named in 1860 who owned one of the finest collections in England at that time. One record shows that more than 600 Cattleya flowers in his collection, were in bloom at the same time during 1865.

The short pseudobulbs, broad leaves which usually have some purple colouring render it readily distinguishable. The inflorescence bears 2-5 large flowers, 15-20cm.- (6-8) across; sepals & petals are rose, shaded with light tints of amethyst purple, the lip is darker with a darker red-purple with purple veins. The throat is yellow orange flanked with lilac or white patches.

Cultural necessities are much the same as for other species of this genus.