Dendrobium densiflorum

The spindle like stems (Pbs.) are erect, in tufts, 7-12 noded, 4-angled, club shaped up to 50cm.-(19.5) tall with 3/5 leaves at or near the apex are leatherly, stiff 15cm/16cm.-(6) long; 2cm/3cm.-(1) broad. Inflorescences from the upper nodes are pendulouse 20cm/25cm.-(8/10) long, and 8cm/10cm.-(3/4) diam., many flowered. Fls. Can be up to 5cm.-(2) diam., slightly fragrant, rarely lasting more the 7/10 days are buttercup yellow with an orange/yellow hairy lip appear during the spring in the northern hemisphere. Inflorescences can appear for several from each psuedobulb.

Best grown in cool, airy, humid conditions with light shade from direct sunlight and ample watering when in growth - then given a rest period of a few weeks.