Paphiopedilum lowii – ‘Superfly’ AM/AOS

Like many other orchids this species is named after its discoverer.   In this case Sir. Hugh Low who discovered it in Sarawak – N.W. Borneo when hunting for orchids there during 1846.   Established by Lindley as Cypripedium Lowii in 1847 in the Gardeners Chronicle (p.765),  transferred to Paphiopedilum by Stein in his Orchideenbuch (p. 476) in 1892.   It is or was also found on large trees as an epiphyte at  1000-1600m.-(3000- 4800ft.) altitude in Malaysia; Sumatra; Borneo; Sulawesi and Java.

Flowers 10-14cm.-(4-5.5”) across, 2 to 5 on 60-100cm.-(25-39”)long, dorsal sepal - yellow-green with Purple-brown suffusion and radiating lines; petals – basally green-yellow with large dark brown markings and flushed with purple at he ends; lip – greenish with brown lines and yellowish side lobes.

Some shade, high humidity, good air movement.   Keep compost moist and re-pot after flowering.