Paphiopedilum primulinum

Became known to science after collection by Liem Khe Wie from Northern Sumatra in 1972, and well worth a place in any collection on account of its successive production of flowers over a long period of time.

Terrestrial in humus on limestone Hills from sea level to 1000m.-(3300ft.)   Leaves mid green on both sides 16cm.-(6.25) long, 3cm.-(1.25) wide, rounded ends. Inflorescence erect, up to 36cm.-(14) long with numerous flowers approx. 7cm.-(2.75) across, basically a strong yellow colour with Some green suffusion and veining on the dorsal sepal, petals twisted.   A variety purpuasscens is known.

Grow warm in an open compost with some water retentive element in the mix, water regularly, give partial shade, 60% humidity and good air movement year round.   Re-pot after flowering.