Laelia grandis

Known to science 1850 growing in the collection of G.M. Morel in Paris after being imported from Brazilian state of Bahia.  Was lost to cultivation until 1864 when Low & Co. of England imported further supplies from Bahia.   Is closely related to Laelia tenebrosa somewhat smaller in size.

Stem-like bulbs with one leaf can be 45cm.-(18) tall, spike up to 25cm.-(10) long with 2/5 10/12cm.-(4/5) diam. flowers.

Petals and sepals are a rich greenish yellow losing green tints as ageing takes place, lip white outside, white inside suffused pink with some deeper pink veining.

Requires intermediate temperatures, good light with slight shade from direct sunlight, high humidity, good continuous air movement, an open growing medium with a little water retentive quality when potted, partial drying out between waterings which need to be more frequent when in growth.