Coelogyne Burfordiense

A primary hybrid from C. asperata x C. pandurata, created by Sir Trevor Lawrence at Burford Lodge, Dorking, Surrey, U.K. and registered on 1st Jan 1911. Only used once since as the seed parent of Coel. South Carolina for which it was crossed with one of its own parents Coel. pandurata which was created by Carter & Holmes Orchids of Mendenhall, South Carolina and registered in 1996.

Coel Burfordiense is very similar to its pollen parent in shape and form, a little paler green colouring and the marking on the lip more brown, nevertheless it is a good mixture of the characteristics of both parents.

Needs to be grown warm, well watered when growing, high humidity and good light. A little less of each when new growth as matured to induce flowering. Better mounted than potted.