Schomburgkia tibicinis

One of 16 or so species of the genus, related to Cattleya and Laelia.  Distributed from Mexico and the West Indies to Bolivia and Brazil where it grows epiphytically and lithophytically at altitudes up to 1000m.-(3300ft.)

A very robust species with elongated, tapered psbs. with several nodes and several apical leaves  45cm.-(18) long & 8cm.-(3) broad are rigid, leathery, dark green to yellowish, heavily textured. Inflorescences up to 120cm.-(4ft.)  with many densely coloured flowers are grouped en mass at the apex; very fragrant, waxy, long lasting, 5-10cm.-(2-4) across, opening successively over several weeks make this large species a desirable addition to any collection.   Has been used extensively in hybridisation, particularly with Cattleya and Laelia.  Flowers during late Spring early summer.

May be grown in pots of open, moisture retentive compost, prefers to be treated as an epiphyte and placed in a basket of sphagnum moss/co-co moss hung in maximum light.   Warm temperature 18c. -(65f.); good air movement, high humidity and regular watering with an occasional feed when growing. A very short rest after flowering, never allow it to dry out and re-pot only when absolutely necessary.