Coelogyne ovalis

One of the cool growing species of the genus, native habitat being at higher altitudes of Western Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet, China (Yunnan), India ( Sikkim, Assam, Manipur and the Khasia Hills), Burma (Tenasserim) and Thailand.

Pseudobulbs 3-6cm.-(1.2-2.3) long are well spaced on a creeping rhizome. Bi-foliate with shortish flower stalk from the apex and bearing one or two flowers only. The stalk is rarely more than 12cm.-(45 )long. The flowers are 3-4cm.-(1-1.5) across.

Not difficult to grow when mounted on cork,tree-fern or wooden raft with some sphagnum moss which needs to kept moist during growth cycle,a short dryer rest is beneficial providing it receives good light, humidity and air movement.