Laelia perrinii –‘Alba’

Originally described by J. Lindley in 1838 as Cattleya perrinii and named it after Mr. Perrin – gardener to Mr. R. Harrison of Aigburgh, Liverpool, a noted grower of orchid sent to him by his brother trading as a merchant in Brazil.

Stem like Psbs., 7cm.-16cm.-(3”-6”) tall covered in scarious sheaths; unifoliate – leaf can be up to 26cm.-(10”) tall and 5cm.-(2”0 wide subtended by a compressed sheath from which 11cm.-(4.25”) Delicate pink petals and sepals develop.  The lip is white with a rich purple mid-lobe.   The column is a light pink.

An intermediate temperature with good light, humidity and good air movement are its main requirements.   If potted an open well draining medium with a little water retentive element will produce good results.   The ‘Alba’ variety I pure white all over part from the purple on the lip.