Cattleya loddigesii - 'Marrissa'

One of the early importations to be grown successfully in Europe.   Named after Conrad Loddiges the founder of a London nursery which received the first shipment from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – it is also one of many native to Paraguay.  

In its natural habitats it is found on trees and on rocks, in sunny and shaded; swampy places.   The slender Pseudobulbs  are approx. 40cm.- (16”) tall; bi-foliate; leathery leaves 10-12.5cm. – (4”-5”) long and 4-5.5cm. – (1.5”-2”) wide.   Inflorescence can be up to 30cm. – (12”) long bearing 2-9 flowers, 8-11cm. – (3 –4.25”) across.   Sepals and petals are pale rose/lilac with some spotting in a deeper shade. The lip can vary in colour, the above photograph is of the var. ‘Marrissa’ mainly white with pale rose/lilac suffusion on the outside; the column is white.   Other vars. have pronounced yellow, white and pale amethyst/purple suffusion.

 Can be grown and flowered successfully when mounted or potted providing the compost is open and drains easily, a little moisture retentive substance is beneficial.   Warmth; Good Light; 65% humidity; Good air movement are this species main requirements