Oncidium ornithorhynchum

This popular species, well known for its heavy fragrance; was discovered by Humboldt in Mexico  (Michoacan State).  Seen here as a 20 year old plant growing in cool, semi shade in a mixed collection in Cheshire, England, where it flowers profusely each year.

Bi-foliate from apex of 12-14cm.-(4.5-5) psbs, leaves up to 30cm.-(12) long, pendulous 30-60cm.- (1-2), branched with very many 2.5cm.-(1) diam. long lasting, fragrant flowers appear during the spring/early summer.   Needs ample water when developing new growths, occasional feed, good air movement and a compost offering good drainage with some water retention quality above plant is in equal quantities of W.abs. W.res. rock wool with coarse perlite at ratio of 4:1 by volumn. Re-potted every two years.