Dendrobium linguiforme

One of the smaller fragrant species of the genus Dendrobium, photographed when on display at the D.O.G. Show at Dresden, Germany in March 2004. One of the 900 or so species of his genera normally from: India; China; S/E. Asia; Japan; Malaya; the Philippines; New Guinea; Australia; New Zealand and other Pacific Islands. In its natural habitatD.linguuiforme is both epiphytic and lithophytic growing in rain forests or open forests on rocks from sea level to 1000 metres.   In cultivation, interme- diate, humid, airy conditions are best; it prefers to be mounted rather than potted.

Plants have a creeping branched rhizome; very small Pbs. forming a mat. Unifoliate with leaves 2cm./2.5cm.-(1) - thick, and tough.   Infls. Erect or arching 5cm./25cm.-(2/6) long from which many 2.5cm.-(1) long flowers with narrow sepals and petals develop are pure white & do not open fully. The very short lip is white, sometimes with a faint purple/lilac marks along the midlobe.