Ornithocephalus iridifolius

Somewhat rare in European collections shown here on display at the D.O.G. Conference at Dresden, Germany, during March 2004 (with mis-spelling of the generic name) was discovered by Liebold at Zacuapan, Mexico & described by H. G. Reichenbach in 1863.  It also occurs in Guatemala. Epiphytic on oak trees in open forests at 550-1000m.-(1880-3300).

Leaves 2.5-7.5cm.-(1-3) long are arranged fan-wise; slender zig-zagging inflorescences 7cm.-(2.75) long from which small white 6mm.-(.25) diam. flowers appear late summer-autumn.

In cultivation it survives and performs best when mounted, in intermediate, humid conditions with good air movement, light shade, misting, occasionally wetted by quick dipping and partial drying between waterings  do not dry out completely and give weak feed monthly.