Cypripedium fargesii

Established by Franch., in 1894 J. Bot.(Morot) 8: 267. also known as Cyp. ebracteatum Roelfe Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1896: 204.Discovered in China (S. Gansu; W. Hubei; E. Sichuan).

Photographed on display at the D.O.G. Conference Dresden, Germany. (March 2004).

Terrestrial will grow well outdoors in temperate climates. Prefers to be under the shade of shrubs, requires ample water when growing with an occasional weak feed. Decidous. Best in a pot of open compost sunk into soil for 75% of pot height so that it can be placed in an unheated but frost free location to prevent damage from long periods of heavy frost.