Phragmipedium caudatum

The above photograph shows a superb specimen of this interesting species displayed at the D.O.G. Conference at Dresden, Germany March 2004.

Epiphytic/Lithophytic genus from Panama & Colombia to Bolivia & Peru where it grows in bright light at altitudes of 1500/2500m.-(5000/8300ft), often in large clumps of many plants  60cm.(24) tall erect inflorescence with 3-4 flowers, the notable feature of which is the very long petals; extending to the ground to allow the pollinator to climb up to the slipper shaped lip.   Overall colour is yellow/green with darker lines and pinkish margins on the petals.  In cultivation cool temperature, good light, good air movement and humidity are needed.  A good open moisture retentive compost if potted, as most of this genus are, in cultivation.