Lycaste lasioglossa

Discovered in Guatemala in 1871, imported by Messrs. Veitch and described by H.G. Reinchenbach in 1872.

Terrestrial, up to 60cm.-(24) tall with 5-10cm.-(2-4) long Psbs. x 4cm.-(1.5) diam. bi-foliate with 55cm.-(21) long x 12cm.-(4.75) broad leaves.   Single flowered inflorescence, peduncle with several scarious sheaths.  Showy flowers with red/brown petals/sepals and yellow lip; overall 10cm.-(40) diam.

Cool/intermediate growing, in a moisture retentive compost offering good drainage; light shade, ample watering and occasion feeding when in growth.  The leaves are not deciduous like some species of this genus.   Good air movement and high humidity are essential. 

Each pseudobulb can produce as many as twelve flowers.