Sophronitis coccinea

This photograph is of four plants of Sophronitis coccinea presented for ‘Award’  Judging at the D.O.G. Conference, Dresden, Germany – March 2004.  A well known miniature species and well used by


Cattleya coccinea from specimen collected by M.E. Descourtilz collecting in the mountains separating Bananal from Ilha Grande – Brazil.   Was transferred to Sophronitis by H.G. Reichenbach during 1864.

Pseudobulbs are small, densely clustered 1-2cm. long x 12mm.-18mm. broad, unifoliate at the apex; leaf 2-2.5cm. long x 1-1.8cm. broad; inflorescence – erect – 2-5cm. - 2-5 flowered.  Fleshy flowers are usually a rich scarlet-red with a yellow suffusion at the base of the lip. A very showy orchid.

Rows equally well mounted on bark, tree-fern or hardwood raft with I little sphagnum moss or similar moisture retentive element.   If potted small pieces of bark or dynorock with a moisture retentive element affording good drainage.>

A cool growing area is ideal and a North facing aspect with good light (not direct sun-light) are beneficial, along with good air movement and humidity.