Cattleya gaskelliana

Found growing in Venezuela and Colombia at 750-1000 metres altitudes. Introduced in 1883 by Sanders & Co. following collection by one of their collectors. Was dedicated to Mr. Holbrook Gaskell of Liverpool, U.K. noted grower and collector who had one of the finest collections in the U.K. at that time. One of the larger flowered species nearly, equalling C. warscewiczi the largest.

Psuedobulbs 20cm.-(8) long; unifoliate, leaf up to 23cm.-(9) long and 7cm.-(2.75) broad, thick and rigid. Inflorescence bears 3 or more 17cm.-(6.75) diam. flowers variable in colour; ss. & ps. White to pale amethyst-purple, which colour veins the lip which is also suffused with yellow near the throat.

Needs to be grown at less that 65F winter overnight with 15F daytime rise in temperature; with high light level; 65% humidity; with good air movement. Grows successfully when potted in a very open compost with some moisture retentive element, wet the compost well when in growth to sustain the natural rapid growth habit; keep somewhat drier once mature. Roots outside compost benefit from daily misting; but do keep the sheaths, buds and flowers absolutely dry.