Colmanara Wildcat

The above photograph is of one 30cm.-(12”) long branch of a 122cm.-(47”) tall inflorescence from this Hybrid. This generic name is in honour of Sir. Jeremiah Colman – (1859-1942) of Colman’s Mustard fame. It is a trigeneric in that it contains Miltonia; Odontoglossum and Oncidium in its lineage.

Parentage is Odontonia.(Milt. X Odm.) – Miltonia warscewiczii x Odontoglossum uro-skineri registered in 1981 by its originator Rod Mclellan crossed with Odontocidium (Odm. x Onc.) Crowborough wich was originated by Stuart Low & Co. in 1965 from Onc. Leucochilum x Odm.Golden Guinea.

The inflorescence had eight branches with an average of twelve 2.5”-3” diam. waxy,long lasting, flowers with vivid colouring and was admired by all who viewed it.